The Pampered Camper

2022 Rates


1 overnight tent/trailer site no services$35
1 overnight trailer site with services $50
1 overnight trailer site with services and deck$60
1 overnight pull thru site with services $50
1 overnight cottage rental$200
Weekend cottage rental$525 Fri to Mon
Weekend cottage rental$350 Fri to Sun
Weekly cottage rental$850
Waterfront Bunkie$100 per night
Glamping Bunkie$125 per night
Rustic Bunkie$85 per night
Waterview Bunkie$150 per night
Hobo Hilton (new)$100 per night
Pampered camper$175 per night
Bunk house camper$175 per night
Rooms for rent$75 per night
Overnight guests$10 /person kids free
Day guests$5/ person kids free
Docking fees$20 per day
Docking fees with your stay$10 per day
Docking fees season$400

95 Caron Rd
Lavigne, ON P0H 1R0